Thursday, January 5, 2012

My Shopping Delights

Nothing like a shopping trip with Grandma! I love walking through the city, such a great scene for both food and clothing (oh, and can't forget soap!). I have quite the new obsession with looking at the bottom of products or at their labels, and seeing just where they were made! Its always exciting to find one that says "Made in the USA" (go figure, I live there). It was quite the enjoyable day, and thought I would share some of my findings with y'all!

We stopped at one of my favorites, Anthropologie. There was actually a man there painting the window of the store! Glad to know those windows were actually painted, and they weren't just stickers! It was quite a sight! Knowing me, you wouldn't be shocked at what I bought:
Lollia soap from Anthropologie
I had about 5 bars of soap in my hand, and could not decide! This one came in the cutest packaging, I decide, and pretty sure it was made in the USA.

We also stopped at Urban Outfitters, one of my favorites as well. Go figure, I bought a soap holder!

While it was sad seeing all of the holiday decorations down so soon, it was still a great time. Hoping to spend more time in the city, absolutely loved it!

Tuesday, January 3, 2012

My New Obsession

It's time to talk about my latest obsession: SOAP! Strange, right? And I am not talking about the kind you pump from the restauraunt bathrooms, but the kind that comes in solid bars. It is hard not to fall in love with soap when it has such cute packaging, and such a beautiful smell! So far I have only two bars, and they sit in my room as simply decorations (a great purpose, at that).

My soap obsession most likely began at the store Antrhopologie. They have the cutest knick-knacks there, and when I saw their soaps I fell in love! The papers they were wrapped in hadt the cutest prints, and their scents were delicious! Here is the soap I ended up purchasing:

South Seas French Soap - French Milled Soap - Bar Soap
South Seas from Mistral Soap

I also had my eye on some soaps from the retail store my mom works at. These are also wonderfully wrapped, and I went on the company's website to learn a little more about them. Their products are handmade is less than 50 quantities at a time (sounds like quality to me!) The company is Napa Soap Company, you can check it out here:

Figs and Zinfandel
Figs and Zinfandel (the scent I chose)

Friday, August 20, 2010

Latest Polyvore Fad: PREMADES

Premades are dresses created from shirts, bras, belts, and skirts; Then, the dresses are cipped into items and called 'premades'. I recently used one in my polyvore set:

[[in this set, premade is by someone named 'megs' not me!]]

I myself have never made a premade [my clipper will not work] but i often make dresses made of bras, sirts, and belts!

Welcome Bloggers!

Just another nutella freak :p